REIV Digital Conference

Wednesday 14th Nov 2012 Encore, St Kilda Melbourne 

Earlier this week, REIV bought together some of the global industry’s award winning marketing, social media and digital specialists to provide up to the minute advice, trending and insight into the digital applications available to Real Estate professionals looking to harness market leading online advertising strategy, search optimisation and social media.

Around half a dozen national and international industry thought leaders gathered on Wednesday at the REIV Digital Conference held at Encore, St Kilda here in Melbourne, taking the podium to discuss poignant digital topics, including everything from Social Media ROI, Facebook strategies that produce results and Real Estate in the digital age.

Speakers included Andrew Beecher, Head of Marketing & Products at, discussing : Driving ROI; Willie Pang, CEO and MD of Ventures in Digital Media discussing Search Engine Optimisation; International Keynote Speaker from the U.S. Chris Smith from Inman News, discussing Facebook Strategies That Produce Results and the Mobile Revolution;  Laurel Papworth, CEO from The Community Crew discussing, Five Top Tips for Facebook, Twitter & Social Media; as well as Lucien Schneller, Manager Real Estate Division, Google and Pedro Queiroz, Senior Industry Analyst Media & Classifieds, Google discussing Real Estate in the Digital Age.

I was thrilled to attend the conference on behalf of Design & Build, keeping my audience up to date with regular tweets (#REIVdigital), photos and facebook posts throughout the day. The stand out delivery from International Keynote speaker, U.S. based Chris Smith proved a highlight for me, as did the myriad of social media applications and websites available to Real Estate professionals looking to embrace technology in an effort to enhance efficiency on the job.

On return to the office, I decided to put together an iPhone app and web tool cheat sheet based on Chris Smith’s presentation, for those readers are looking to learn more about how social media can be used effectively in Real Estate – for little more than the price of the average phone app!


This brilliant little breakthrough acts as a Social Media relationship manager and quasi database for all of your contacts, communications, activities and sales! Perfect for the self managed agent or independent business person, Nimble provides a tailored CRM where the user can access multiple resources in one central domain.

“With Nimble, you can send messages, add tasks and events, edit or download the contact profile…right from the contact’s profile window.  View core contact information, and all activities, emails, notes, and social conversations related to that contact, in one clean and simple screen. Nimble will automatically identify contact’s social profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter so that you and your team can easily connect, listen, and engage with your most important business associates.” (ref. Nimble website)


Personal relationship management. “Mingly makes it easy to sort through the noise of social networks and connect with the people you care about.”

(ref. Mingly website)

This is a fantastic tool for merging and consolidating your contacts from various platforms into one manageable address book. Perfect for time poor Real Estate professionals running several different social media accounts looking to organise their contacts and stay one step ahead in terms of who’s doing what. The programme “lives” inside your Gmail account and works to aggregate your contacts across Gmail, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter into one address book which you can search and reference accordingly. The address provides key reminders for milestones such as Birthdays, job changes etc, to one single feed.


Shoot time-lapse video with your iPhone!

ReelMoments allows you the ability to create a time-lapse video, using either your iPhone 3G or 3GS. The app requires you to focus and shoot, providing a set timer and interval and takes care of the rest, allowing you to take capture moments in your working day on the fly! Film clips are able to be shared via email or store as part of a show reel. This is the perfect tool for providing polished and cost effective film reels as part of your real estate advertising strategy.


Evernote is the independent Real Estate professional’s dream come true. Do you have 20 browser tabs open at any one time, afraid to delete them for fear you will lose it forever? Do you flick through a reader of 70 different sites each morning, work within a sea of post-its at your desk and struggle to sync your outlook calendar to your paper diary? Evernotes provides an ‘all in’ platform where you can categorise and organise your ideas, notes, priorities and to do lists from various medium under the one hat. The application is available using your home or work computer, as well as your iPhone and Tablet.


Snapseed provides instant image filters for ensuring your marketing images are looking tip top – and you can share them everywhere!


Finally – the most comprehensive and personalised magazine maker at your finger tips! Looking to send a bulletin to your team (or yourself!) with relevant articles from your top 5 reputable news sites? Zite allow you the freedom to do so! Zite’s intuitive technology screens news and editorial material online against your interest categories on a daily basis, providing you with a current and relevant selection that is delivered automatically to your iPhone or Tablet.

If this then that

A wonderfully innovative app that ensures you can co-ordinate your public relations and social media activities in one by simply setting up a few rules. The ITTT site operates to automatically perform pre-programmed tasks on your behalf in the digital space. For example – if you are tagged in a Photograph, post it via your Twitter feed and send you a text message alert.

Here’s what the website has to say about the product:

“The this part of a Recipe is a Trigger. Some example Triggers are “I’m tagged in a photo on Facebook” or “I check in on Foursquare.”


The that part of a Recipe is an Action. Some example Actions are “send me a text message” or “create a status message on Facebook.”


Pieces of data from a Trigger are called Ingredients. For example, the Ingredients of an Email Trigger could be: subject, body, attachment, received date, and the sender’s address.


Personal Recipes are a combination of a Trigger and an Action from your active Channels.”

(ref. If this then That website)

Thank you to REIV for putting on such a brilliant event, and thank you to those speakers who took the time to share their knowledge and inspire us into harnessing technology for effective business practise.

For further event highlights visit the Design & Build Facebook page. For current Real Estate roles visit


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